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( and ( are operated by Impression Clothing Company LLC™.  The Terms, stated in this document, govern you the use of the website(s), as well as the purchasing of products from our online store. This Agreement applies to all users of this website. If you do not agree with a section of this Agreement we ask that you please do not use this website. Impression Clothing Company LLC™, holds the right at any given moment to modify, add, or remove any portion of this Agreement. Impression Clothing Company LLC™ will notify on our company website(s) when modified versions of this Agreement have been uploaded. Offensive, defamatory, or illegal material will not appear on this website(s).


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The use or misuse of any material found on this site without proper permission from Impression Clothing Company LLC™ is strictly prohibited. Whether or not appearing with the Trademark symbol(™), Copyright symbol(©), or large print, all material including artwork, designs, graphics, icons, illustrations, images, logos, photographs, product names, video clips, written, or other materials on our website(s) are Copyrights, Trademarks, or another form of legal intellectual property that belongs to Impression Clothing Company LLC™, and/or its respected owner. The website(s) and all information contained within it is for your personal, noncommercial use only. Material contained within our website(s) shall not be copied, duplicated, reproduced, edited, manipulated, modified, published, sold, publicly displayed, distributed, transmitted or circulated without the express written consent of Impression Clothing Company LLC™, or its owner.

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All rights to the following name is reserved, Impression Clothing Company LLC™.

Trademarks owned by this company and its owner:

Impression Clothing Company LLC™, Impression Clothing Company™, Impression Clothing Co.™, Impression Clothing™.

Payment Terms:

Please allow up to three business days for orders to be processed, and payment verification. If any payment information is incorrect, or fails to be verified in any way, the order will not be fulfilled. Payments can be made by using a credit or debit card. Please review our PRIVACY POLICY for details of what personal information is necessary, how your personal information is used, and what steps Impression Clothing Company LLC™ takes to properly secure your personal information.

Return Policy:

All returns must be made within 30days of order shipment date. For more details we ask you to visit our RETURN POLICY page. This page will assist you on taking the proper steps for your return to be handled to make sure you, the valued customer, is completely satisfied.

Risk of Loss:

All purchases from our website’s online store are transported or delivered by an independent carrier which is not affiliated or controlled by Impression Clothing Company LLC™. Products purchased from our website’s online store are delivered directly to a carrier by Impression Clothing Company LLC™. Once Impression Clothing Company LLC™, has delivered your package to said carrier Impression Clothing Company LLC™ is not responsible for any loss or damaged merchandise. The title of risk of loss should be handled with said carrier, and any lost or damaged merchandise should be dealt with said carrier.

Product Information:

Impression Clothing Company LLC™ has attempted to accurately display all products which appear on our website(s), and efforts have been made to display all information correctly. We do not warrant that all information found on this site is correct, current, reliable, or error-free. Impression Clothing Company LLC™, reserves the right to correct any typographical errors or inaccuracies. These changes, or updates to product descriptions, pricing, or availability may occur without prior notification.  Merchandise found on our company’s website(s) may not be available in retail stores. All prices in our online store are quoted in U.S. Dollars ($).

Product Availability:

Impression Clothing Company LLC™ reserves the right to discontinue, or no longer make available any item found in our online store without prior notice. We take efforts to make sure all products shown are available as stated, but we cannot guarantee all products shown are available. Upon which we apologize for the inconvenience and a Customer Service Representative will contact you.


Impression Clothing Company LLC™ has made the effort to display all colors accurately for all products that appear on our website(s). Actual colors that appear on our website(s) could vary depending on your computer’s monitor. Impression Clothing Company LLC™ cannot guarantee your computer monitor will display the colors 100% accurately.

Your Consent:

You, the respected customer, using our company’s website(s) have agreed to the Terms of this document. If at any moment you do not agree with any terms stated in this document we ask you to respectfully leave this website(s).  If you have any questions/concerns please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department. Thank you.

Impression Clothing Company LLC™ Contact Information:

Phone: 1 (844) 202-9500


Impression Clothing Company


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ATTN: Customer Service

**Again, we would like to remind you that Impression Clothing Company LLC™ reserves the right to change, edit, modify any portion of this Terms of Use Agreement at any given moment. Upon which the Terms of Use Agreement has been revised, a notice will be added on our company’s website(s).**